dowryDowry in Tamil means ‘வரதச்சனை’. If i split the words it is ‘வர’,‘தச்சனை’, meaning giving materialistic things for coming. It simple English it is “moving in cost”. It is not a simple matter or a matter to joke about. This was really serious. This dowry has come into place mainly because when the bride moves to the Grooms house she bring the things that belong to her. This is because those are the things that are very close to her and she want them to be with her. Then came the period when the bride’s parents had the pride in giving costly things to their daughter. Then eventually changed to groom’s parents started demanding. This is a disease that has to be eradicated.
Male to female ratio also plays a role in this. In those day, Men population was more than that of female. The girls had the rights to select their groom. This was called Swayamvara. The guys assemble in a hall. They display their talent in-front of everyone. Every guys in the hall gets a time to showcase their talent. The bride is given a garland with which she can choose her husband. 
Then came the period where the female ratio was more that of male. There was a period where poly gamy was allowed. A man had the rights to many as many girls he wanted. I read in a story that a king had some hundred wives. In the modern age, polygamy has been banned, So the bride’s parents had to search a match for their girl with in the boys available. In this process, came the dowry, where the girls parents had to give money and get a good husband for their daughter who will take care of her for ever.
Life is like circle, everything repeats itself in a period of time. We are again heading to the period where the male population is more than female population. Guys mind you, you will have to fight to get your match.
Thanks to Foetus sex determination technology and women education. Even though foetus is banned in India, it is still happening in India and this will bring a big change in the Indian Culture in both positive and negative ways.

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