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Engayum Eppothum – Review

engayum eppothum review 1809 Engayum Eppothum in english mean “Everywhere, anytime”. This is a nice title that can be opted by Hollywood movies.
Well this movie is produced by Fox Movies so i guess hence the tile is sexier when you say it in English.
The Story revolves around 4 characters Jai, Anjali, Sharvanandh and Ananya. The movie is a long story said in a different way. The love scenes are unique. There are 2 couples but it is not a triangualar love story. There is no villain but the turn of events take the story ahead.
The movie starts with an accident. 2 Buses (Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation) and private transport bus have a head on collision. The movie is about the lovers before the accident and why did they get into that ill fated bus.
I have to give special mention about some characters.
Anjali character:  What a confident character!!! What foresight thinking. I really like these types of girls.
Jai’s Character : A soft spoken guy who falls in love. He has played it very well.
Ananya’s character : A educated village girl trying to understand Chennai culture.
Some other side characters that really impressed me are the Ananya’s cousin,Bus passenger who comes to drop his wife travels along with her, a Dubai returned father going to India after 5 yrs to see his daughter and a college couple.

If i have to rate this movie, it would be a 5 star.

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