Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Girl’s Doll

Have you seen a Girls doll? Take for Barbie for example. The doll is designed in a way so that the dolls, hair can be combed, dress can be changed and so on…. Holiday Barbie DollDo you know why, Girls like to bath their  doll, dress up, comb hair, feed them. They would like the doll to do what they want. They would like to the doll to go sleep when they go to bed. It is like everything for them. It is their child, student, companion, teacher and what not…

Do you know why they don’t like dolls when they grow up?
They have their boyfriend’s or husbands. Smile with tongue out.

So guys!!!! you are one girls doll.

This is anti women blog. Anyways i don’t have to worry as i am not contesting in any election and i don’t need the women votes. Anyways girls pardon me for this. This is just a man’s point of view

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