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Going digital

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Today technology has gone a step further what it was a decade ago. In those men like to have their newspaper on their doorsteps before they wake up. They want their newspaper in hand when they have their coffee. Some even want them in the toilets. When the digital world took over the news paper had taken a different shape. The media though why should digital world adopt the same look and feel that the normal newspaper have. They adopted a different look and feel. It was modified for internet and had search facility. But this format of presentation did not click. The main reason for the same is that people are mode accustomed to read newspaper in a specific format. they have a feeling that if they read in another format they either they do not get the feeling of reading a newspaper or either they don’t get the feeling they have read all the days news.
Today the newspaper and magazines have realised this. They have designed their digital newspaper in the same format as the real newspapers are printed. This picture on the above is a digital form of “Time of India” Mumbai edition delivered to my iPad everyday automatically. “Times of India”, “Hindustan times”, “Economic Times”,”DNA”,”Mint”,” DinaMalar” are some of the papers available in the internet in the same format as that of the printed newspaper. I get to read the Indian newspaper in UAE or anywhere in the world. There will not be a paper lying on my door front when i am not at home. photo 2
   What about the magazines? In India, there are weekly, biweekly, monthly, entertainment, technology and many more types magazines that are in the newsstand. We get to choose what we like to read and we carry them where ever we go. What if they comes in a digital format all in the same format so that i can carry it along and get the new editions immediately without any delay. yes, they are also available in digital print format. You need to subscribe for the yearly edition and you get the new books once it is released to the newsstand. You can book mark them and read them where ever and whenever you want. The pictures in this blog are from my iPad. “PC Word”, “Filmfare”, “Femina” etc are some of the famous books that are available in internet. There are apps in iOS and Android OS which has tie up with these publishers and they deliver these prints to our doorsteps table in whichever country you are in Smile

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No wonder men are gadgets freaks!!!!

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