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Google Failures

There has been quite lots of products that Google developed and most of them are in the verge of death. I can list down a few of them for you.
586_waveGoogle wave : This was one of the most anticipated product from Google. It had lots of features and i really liked product. The catchy statement for Google wave was “The new email system”. But it did not hit well. The main reason for the failure was that it did not embrace the old email system along with it. Since it was new email system it must have integrated with old email system so that people realize the  advantage of new system and slowly move the new system.
Orkut : The famous social network in India but it could slowly died due to Facebook
Google Buzz : An alerted social networking launched from Orkut but it was hit by controversy from the day the day of launch. It is not become a hit because of the privacy issue.
google_reader_enlargedGoogle Reader : It is one of the old product of Google that integrates all the RSS feeds. You can read all the RSS feeds in one place. Today, Google has decided to remove Google reader and integrate it with the Google Plus. In this process they expect to make Google Plus more stronger by moving their Google reader base to Google Plus. Many people like me who are fans of Google reader is not happy with the announcement.

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