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Movie review : 7 am Arivu

7am-Arivu-audio‘7 am Arivu’ start with shaolin temple in China. It talks about the founder of that temple and the history says that he is a south Indian who had travelled to China to spread the Martial arts and the medicine that he knows. He is Bhodidarman(Surya) . He is the best in martial arts and Medicine in south India. He goes there to teach them what he knows. In this process, he invents a new medicine for a new killer virus that attacks them.
In the present day, China uses the same virus as the Bio war against India. The heroine ( Shruthi Hassan), a genetic engineer is being doing research on Bhodidarman and found that one of his offspring has 80% matched DNA. She wants to correct the differences and convert Aravind (Surya) to Bhodidaraman. This information leaked to china and they send a guy to kill her. The rest of the movie is about how she corrects the genetic difference , and how the hero cures the new disease.
The base story is good, the stunt scenes with the vehicles is new and impressive. During the songs you can take a break. Surya, as usual acted very well. His eyes, brows and every part of the body acted. Shruthi Hassan, being a new comers does not give us that impression that she is new. Unlike other girls in the industry, she is very clean in her dressing. The director of the movie is A.R.Murugados, he is the director of Gajini. There is nothing special about direction but the story is different.
A “must watch” movie.

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