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Vaagai Soodavaa – Review


Vaagai soodavaa is a Vimal movie. Yes, if you have watched his movies you will know who Vimal is. He is a hero who he does a modern age village hero. His movie are casual real life stories without any superhero ,villain or mother sentiments. I watch his movies just for these type of stories.
   Well, movie is a about 1960s youth who has complete teacher training waiting for Government job. In this waiting period his father suggests to take a social work related to teaching which will boost his chances to get that govt job. He goes to a very small village where 100 families who make a living with Brick.
The owner keeps them uneducated so that they can get more job done with less money. There is a lots of friction between him and the people of the village to start then they slowly send their kids to him for education. He teaches them to count so that they atleast get paid for what they work for. This movies does not end like a superhero movie. He does convert the village to a super village, he does get a award from the President but lives with them.
A really nice and a feel good movie. you can watch it once.

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  1. Vaagai Soodavaa won a National Award !!!!

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