Friday , January 18 2019

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Why? How?

My failed in all the subject and my friend had passed in all the subjects. He now works in Microsoft and I own Microsoft

You know who owns Microsoft and who must have told these words. It is Bill Gates.

In my real life, we were 59 students in class in my computer Science Engineering class. There are various people with various levels of Intelligence. The top 3 of the class were places in the top 3 software companies in India. There is this one guy who use to get just 60% in class. He owns a company and the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the company. He just sold the company to Red Hat Linux for few Hundred Crores of Rupees.
Is this Luck? Is this called change in Life? I really don’t under the principles of life here.
Well i am sure he must have worked harder than the top 3 people did. So does working hard reaps all the benefits you want? The answer is NO.
Then How?

Note : This is just my feeling. This is not an outcome of jealousy.

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