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4 Bulls and 2 foxes

4cowsOnce upon a time there was a farmer and he was very good in Farming and he has become very popular in his farming practices. He had 4 bulls that was doing most of the work for him. They use to graze on one of the land that the farmer owns. The land use to very close to forest which was full on wild animals.The bulls were so friendly to each other that they use to be together all time during the grazing. There were 2 foxes in the forest. They that was watching these 4 bulls grazing every day in that land.These bulls were really fat, healthy and yummy. They decided to eat them up. Since all the bulls were together the foxes could not kill and eat them. So they decided to split the bulls. The foxes approached each and every bull separately and said “The other bulls are thinking that they are the ones who work the most and you are the least liked bull of the farmer”. Every bulls was angry with each other and they started grazing separately. The foxes used this opportunity, killed all the 4 bulls and ate them.
You must have heard this story before when you were kids. This is a moral story that we tell our kids about living together has lots of advantages. This is also an example of “Divide and Rule” strategy. Today, this story has become a reality. I give you the clue, and you find the names of the bulls and the farmer.
Clue 1 : The name of the 2 foxes are “Congress” and “BJP”
Clue 2 : The name of the farming that the farmer does today is “Anti-corruption” Bill

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Now tell me the name of the farmer and the 4 bulls!!!! Smile

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