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  My Son’s Photography

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3G Vs 4G

3G is currently the world’s best connection method when it comes to mobile phones, and especially mobile Internet. 3G stands for 3rd generation as it is just that in terms of the evolutionary path of the mobile phone industry. 4G means 4th generation. This is a set of standard that is being developed as a future successor of 3G in …

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Top 10 : New year Resolutions

Resolution, n – A commitment that an individual makes that brings positive benefits to his/her life 2012 is just around the corner. Are you ready to rock 2012 ahead? I love the new year, because it’s the time when we start everything on a fresh note. It’s when we set new resolutions, positive intentions of what we want to accomplish …

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Time Management Tip 019

Get Motivated Everyone is motivated differently. Find what motivates you and use it. When you’re in a positive mood you can get more done, so use positive material to help you get there. They say that more than 85% of what you hear each day is negative. If this is true, you had better have a way of reducing its …

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End of Love Story

A poor boy loved a rich girl.One day the boy proposed her. Then the girl said, “Listen! your monthly salary is my daily expenses. Should I be involved with you? How could you thought that? I will never love you. So, forget me and get engaged with someone else of your level.”But somehow the boy could not forget her so …

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