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Aiyy(o/a) Ayyappa


Kannada film actor Rajkumar in his 60s

Year 2000  : One fine sunny morning, I had taken my parents to Bannerghattanation park in my dads car. When we were returning back to Bangalore, we were completely shocked to hear the news that Veerapan has kidnapped Rajkumar. We do not know what to do, how to enter the city but we have to travel through the city to reach our home. My dad and myself were scared to drive through the city to my house with 3 women in Tamilnadu registered car. We somehow manager to reach the old airport road. There we were spotted by a mob, who noticed the registration number. They started running towards the car with stick and other weapons that they had. My dad who was in driving seat did not know what to do, he changed the gear to the reverse and drove the car in reverse with 60kmph for  at least 1 Kms. Luckily we escaped but it was unfortunate to know they many Tamilians who were in Karnataka at that time were beaten up.

Today the same is happening in Tamilnadu. The target now in keralites. The issue is Mullaiperriyar dam. The Kerala Government says that the dam is their region and was leased to Tamilnadu for 99 years and now the lease is complete and they state that the dam is also old so they should build a new dam. Tamilnadu does not agree to it because the new dam will not belong to Tamilnadu anymore and it will affect the irrigation for that region. 2 states are in a tug-of-war on the dam. This dam issue has created problem for keralites living in Tamilnadu. Tea shops, bakeries, and other malayalie owned shops and businesses are being ransacked by Tamil people. Even Tamil people who are going to Sabarimala, travel to the state border, perform all the puja near the border checklist and returning back. It looks Mexico – USA border 🙂 but we live in the same country. Every state today fight for the water bodies, why cant the central government take control of these waterbodies like the river, and dams.



Only Lord Ayyappa who is common between the 2 states can solve this problem.

Damn Dam.

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