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Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Review


Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol is a the fourth sequel of the Mission impossible movies. This has been produced by Paramount pictures and Bad Robot Pictures. This movies, as everyone know, has the girls heart throb Tom Cruise in the lead role. He play Ethan Hunt an IMF agent who destroys the plot planned by a terrorist code named “Cobolt” to start a war between US and Russia.
The movie has been shot in Budapest, Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai. There is a 30 minutes stunt in and around Burj Khalifa. Even though they are not real it seems real and it makes everyone to move to the front of the seat. There are some stunts in Dubai with sand storm and it lead to a head on collision. There is a page long article in Dubai daily that there cannot be a sand storm in Dubai. Obviously it is a fiction so i don’t have any issues.
We have Indian Actor Anil Kapoor as a Indian business man who holds the nuclear missile code. There are some scenes shot in India with Indian traditions highlighted. Thank God for the first time they showed India as a Rich country.There is a stunt in a automated multi-storied parking lot. I don’t think it is in India. I am not going to give the story here, watch the movie to experience it.
    Tom Cruise even though he looks old, he is still handsome and still has his charm. The director has done a great job in the movie, the story line, the stunts, locations are fantastic. It is 2.5 hours movie but not a single minute is boring, Every minute has some interesting plots, locations, stunts, dialogues. I really liked the movie. This can be compared to the first Mission impossible that shot Tom to the stardom.
Watch it in theatre to enjoy it.

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  1. Check your facts before you present your opinions as facts!
    The automated car parking is shot in Bangalore.

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