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Tooth fairy

tooth-fairyOnce upon a time there was a small boy living in a village with his mother. One day when he was playing with his friends his tooth had fallen off. He had the broken tooth in his hand. He did not know what to do with it. His friends suggested him to keep the tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy will take his tooth and give him gold in the night, while he is sleeping. That night, the boy keep his tooth under his pillow and went to sleep. The next day morning he woke up and come to his mother with a sad face.
His mother asked him “ What happed son, why are you sad?”
The boy said told her about his broken tooth and the tooth fairy. He was upset because the fairy did not give him any gold. She did not want to disappoint him or see him sad. When the boy went to take bath, the mother kept her gold coin under the pillow and once the boy was back from bath she asked him to check again. The boy found the gold coin and he came running to his mother telling him that the fairy was late but she had given him a gold coin. He asked his mother to keep it safely and he announced that they have totally 2 coins now and they his mother can buy some jewellery now.
The mother was happy to see her son cheerful so continued doing her work while the boy was getting ready to school. After 30 mins , the mother again saw the boy was unhappy. The mother asked “ What is the problem? why are you sad again? the tooth fairy has given you gold, you should be happy now”, he boy said “Yes, the tooth fairy gave me gold but she did not take my tooth. How can i get something without giving anything in return?” The mother was really happy hearing this and that she is fully satisfied that he will grow up as a sensible adorable human being in the future.

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History of Tooth Fairy

A child normally has twenty baby teeth and starts losing them at around age 5 or 6. Back when witches were believed to use pieces of your body, such as hair and fingernail clippings, to direct magic and curses at you, proper disposal of teeth was a serious business. The process differed by culture, from throwing the tooth up to the sun or over the roof, to feeding them to an animal (usually a mouse). The tooth could be buried, hidden, swallowed, or burned (sometimes after salting). In some cultures only the first exfoliated tooth was ritually disposed of.

So we have long traditions about the importance of proper tooth disposal, and of course equally ancient traditions about fairies. But the two didn’t get together for quite a while. There’s a tradition from 18th century France of a “tooth mouse,” likely based on a fairy tale, La Bonne Petite Souris, in which a fairy changes into a mouse (or perhaps the other way around) to help the good queen defeat the evil king. The mouse hides under a pillow to taunt the king, and punishes him by knocking out all his teeth. Perhaps this was the origin of the tooth fairy, but no one knows for sure.

The tooth fairy as we now know her didn’t make an appearance until the early 1900s, as a generalized “good fairy” with a professional specialization.  The child loses a baby tooth, which is put under the pillow at night, and the tooth fairy exchanges it for a present, usually money but sometimes candy.

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