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Nanban – Review

vijay-s-nanban-latest-stills10Aamir’s movie “3 Idiots” was based on the Chetan Bhagat’s novel “Five Point Someone”. The original movie was the hit of the year. It was dubbed in multiple international languages but south Indians wanted the movie in their flavour and hence we have the movie “Nanban”. Nothing has changed in the movie except the names that has been customized for south indian names. Every name has the village name prefixed and it looks awkward.
    Panchavan Parivendan aka Pari (Vijay) will join engineering and while being ragged by seniors, Pari meets co-students Venkatramakrishnan (Srikanth) and Sevalkodi Senthil (Jeeva). Pari, who always says All izz well handles the situation in an intellectual way which makes all three close friends. Principal Virumaandi Sandhanam (Sathyaraj) called Virus is strict in his discipline but Pari who takes every issue cool and humorous manner gets wrong impression in his first meet. Srivatsan aka Silencer (Sathyan) always degrades others specially Pari and friends.
Senthil is from poor family and so tries to study hard by being away from fun though he likes to enjoy his life while Venkat wants to be photographer but opts for engineering for his parents. The three attends a wedding without invitation where Pari meets Anariya (Ileana) in her sister’s wedding and gets to know she is youngest daughter of Virus and is engaged to an egoistic guy. But after few circumstances Anariya and Pari falls in love. Meanwhile, the graduation course gets completed and each of them heads their own way. How life turns and the twists they notice when Senthil and Venkat go in search of their friend Pari is all about Nanban.
       This movie has been directed by Shanker with a big star cast. Vijay, Jiiva, Srinkath, Sathyaraj, Illena, Sathyan, SJ Surya and still more prominent faces. People who have watched “3 idiots” have to clear your mind before watching this version.This is a exact replica of the original version with just 3 differences called casting, language and the one additional song. I had a big question if Vijay would be able to replace Aamir. Yes, Vijay does suit the role, he is much younger to play the role and he has the charm that Aamir does not have. Jiiva is a fantastic choice to play Sharman Joshi’s role. Srikanth is not up the mark as Madhavan. Illena (இன்னும் வயதிற்கு வரவில்லை) play Kareena’s role. Satyaraj as the Principal and Sathyan as silencer has done justice to their roles.
  People who have watched 3 idiots be ready to watch the exact xerox. People who have not watches the hindi version will have a hugh treat because of the story and the star cast. A family entertainer and a must watch for the tamil audience.

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