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Top 10 : Busiest ports in the world


Global consumer demand dictates the flow of container shipping, so if you want to know where trade is heaviest, follow the container.

So, let’s us have a look at the world’s busiest ports measured in terms of cargo shipped in standard containers, or TEUs (20-foot equivalent units).

  1. Singapore – Container traffic: 25.8 million TEUs
  2. Shanghai, China – Container traffic: 25 million TEUs
  3. Hongkong, China – Container traffic: 21 million TEUs
  4. Shenzhen, China – Container traffic: 18 million TEU
  5. Busan, South Korea – Container traffic: 13.2 million TEUs
  6. Guangzou, China – Container traffic: 11.1 million TEUs
  7. Dubai, UAE – Container traffic: 11.1 million TEUs
  8. Ningbo, China – Container traffic: 10.5 million TEUs
  9. Qingdao, China – Container traffic: 10.2 million TEUs
  10. Rotterdam, Netherlands – Container traffic: 10 million TEUs

It is surprising to see that China has 6 of the top 10 ports in the world.

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