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Top 10 : World best airport lounges

If you are a first class or business class passenger and you are travelling on an international route, you know that you can only be expected to be treated like a ‘king’. So, once you enter the airport the airlines ensure that every step you take only enriches your luxury status.

Here, an airport lounge plays a key role in enhancing your king-like experience. The attendants ensure that they cater to all your needs. In fact, the lounge is nothing short of a luxury suite at a five-star hotel.10lounge2

  1. Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific’s The Wing
  2. London: British Airways’ Concorde Room
  3. Sydney: Qantas’ First Lounge
  4. Frankfurt: Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal
  5. Abu Dhabi: Etihad’s Diamond First Class Lounge
  6. Doha, Qatar: Qatar Airways’ Premium Arrivals Lounge
  7. Singapore: Singapore Airlines’s Silverkris First Class Lounge
  8. San Francisco: Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse
  9. New York: American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge
  10. Marrakesh: La Mamounia’s VIP Lounge
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