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Top 10 : Corrupt Countries

Corruption is a big problem not only in India, but across the world. The corruption percentage is mentioned along with the country. This percentage is calculated based on various factors like Political corruption, business corruption, Press corruption, public view on corruption etc10corrupt1

  1. Uzbekistan 89.6
  2. Eritrea 87.8
  3. Laos 87.8
  4. Afghanistan 86.3
  5. Equatorial Guinea 84.2
  6. Belarus 83.0
  7. Democratic Republic of Congo 82.5
  8. Swaziland 81.3
  9. Iran 79.1
  10. Ethiopia 78.5


  1. What a relief India is not there?? As writer Sujatha said there is a big difference between corruption in Inrdia and other western countries – There you need to bribe only to stop them from doing their work. Here you need to bribe them to do their work..

    • I tried finding the India position in the list. But i could not get it. I guess i have to bribe to get this detail 😉

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