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Ok Ok – Movie Review


Directed by : M. Rajesh
Produced by: Red Giant Movies
Music by :Harris Jayaraj
Starring : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam, Saranya Ponvannan,Sayaji Shinde

“Ok Ok” means “Oru Kal Oru Kannadi”. It means a stone and a mirror. Tamil people might be knowing the reason for this title. There is a song that begins with the same words. If a stone and a mirror dash against each other without breaking then it is LOVE. Hence the title.
The story begins with Saravanan (Udhayanidhi) receiving his ex-girlfriend Meera’s (Hansika’s) wedding card. In order to stop the marriage,he sets out to Pondicherry along with his close buddy Parthasarathy aka Partha (Santhanam) in a janavasa car. As they embark on the journey, a flashback opens up. Saravanan, a happy-go-lucky youth, and Partha work for a multiplex in the city.Saravanan meets Meera at a traffic signal and falls for her charm instantly. He follows her and finds out that she is an aspiring airhostess and her dad is a deputy commissioner of police (Sayaji Shinde). Despite spending time with him and showing interest in him, Meera rejects Saravanan when he proposes. The flashback ends there and then the comical episodes of Saravanan and Partha begin. With Partha’s help, Saravanan tries to impress Meera before the wedding. Whether he succeeds in his endeavours or not is to be viewed on screen.

Uday has done a fantastic job for the first film. Santhanam is not just the comedian but like a second hero in the movie. The whole movies is on the shoulders of the Uday, Santhanam and Director Rajesh. It is a complete comedy flick from the beginning to the end. The highlight is Santhanam comedy and his punch dialogues. Even though the story revolves around young people love story there is a small story for the hero’s father and mother. It is a cute story and at the end they exhibit their love to each other. I liked that scene particularly.

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All the best Udhay for a great movie career.


  1. ///If a stone and a mirror dash against each other without breaking then it is LOVE. ///

    Very funny explanation( esp. in English) for Love, indeed. Could you tell me who is Stone and who is Mirror?


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