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5 Years of Blogging

countriesIt looks as if i started blogging just yesterday but I actually started blogging in May 2007 and as of today 5 years completed.

Total visitors : 12,000 in last 1 year
Number of countries where visitors are spread : 106
Total number of comments : 85

Top 5 counties :
– India
– United states
– United Arab Emirates
– France
– United Kingdom

Total Number of Posts : 334
popular posts :
10 Headed snake 

If you search the word “Seenu Scrap” in Google, this blog site will top the result.

In Google adsense( the advertisement) this blog has earned $5. It may be a small amount but it is a hugh achievement in just 6 months.

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  1. Congrats. You could extend this by writing your blogging experiences..

    love to read more from you..

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