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Proverb : Double Latch

ஒட்டைக்கூதன் பாட்டைக் கேட்டு இரட்டை தாழ்பாள் போட்டது போல.

Ottaikoothan paatai kettu irattai thalpal pottathu pola.

She Bolted her door twice after hearing Ottaikoothan’s song.



The story that illustrates this proverb is found in”Vinodarasamanjari,” the king’s favorite court poet was Ottaikoothan and queens favorite was another poet. The king there fore put the other poet in the prison. This angered the queen and she bolted the door of her room. The King couldnt enter her room in the night and asked her to open it. The queen replied only if her favorite poet was release she would open her door. The king said okay and asked Ottakoothan to sing a poem in front of the door to make her belive the king had release her favorite poet. But when Ottakoothan sang the song, the queen realised it was not her favorite poet and bolted her door one more time. Thus the effort of the king to soothe her ended as an futile attempt and infuriating her even more. This is said at person who try to soothe some one else but end up infuriating them more.

” As water in a smith’s forge, that serves rather to kindle than quench.”

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