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Proverb : Rat Vs Rich

அறுப்புக்காலத்தில் எலிக்கு ஐந்து பெண்சாதி .

Arupukalathil elikku aainthu pensathi.

During the  harvest time a rat keeps five wives.



When a person who lives in poverty for most of his life , gets money he doesn’t know how to handle it and would extravagantly spend it. In Tamil people usually say ‘Parambarai Panakaran’- man who is wealthy for generations, just say he is born rich and not made rich. So there seems to be a difference between born rich and other rich people! On the other hand this proverb can also be used against people who uses others property. Typically watchmen in guest/holiday house , use the house like their own when the owner is not there.

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