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Time Flies

TIME is part of everyone’s life. You like it or not it will get attached to you once you are created in the womb. The sperm that created you was few milliseconds faster then his friends, with in 60 days you have to make changes in your mom’s body informing her that you are inside, You have 9 months time to come out, you have to cry with in few minutes of your birth, you have to start walking with few days, go to school in 4 years, win the running race in few seconds ahead of others, complete the exams in few hours and so on…..

Time can be measured in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years and century etc.

Time files in various sizes……


What does time mean?

Google says that TIME means “Things I Must Earn”. Oh!!! That is why we say “time is money”? Have you ever analysed this statement? It is pretty straight forward. The more time you work, the more you get paid, the less time you work you get paid less. A person who works more, achieves more, get promoted faster and hence paid more. One who works less, gets promoted late, gets paid less.

Time is directly proportional to money in scientific terms. Pretty straight forward ah?

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  1. // more time you work, more you get paid//

    Need not be true always. may be we can say – more sensible we work..?? Alas, money making wonders like politicians – film stars – cricketers does less work than many many people around you and me.

    Very good start for the post. good one sreeni.

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