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Top 10 : Things to avoid social media

Today the social media is ruling the world. There are some items that you need to avoid in social media. The below 10 top that list


  1. Saying “Good Morning!” – Like really, what about good afternoon or good evening?
  2. Posting your schedule : In the gym, then dinner and off to the cinema…” Well, this one depends in your celebrity status, but you may put yourself in danger telling every stalker out there your daily agenda.
  3. Declaring “I am off to bed” – PK, that’s good to know, but why are you still replying two hours later?
  4. #Writing #sentences #using #hash #tags #is #annoying #isn’t #it?
  5. Discussing your holiday : Get a good burglar – alarm system and then talk about your plans and your vacation pics.
  6. Blatantly repeating marketing posts if you are representing a  business. Be creative and put them in context.
  7. Adding “Please RT” to every single tweet.
  8. Giving personal information : Your first pet, your birthday… ring a bell? If you are desperate to get hacked then don’t give away your security questions.
  9. Anything too private : No one wants to know that you don’t brush your teeth on weekends!
  10. Auto- responding to new followers with “ Thank you for the follow”. I did this for a while and got loads of “you are welcomes!!” back. I always wonders if they were automated too.

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  1. Too good and so true..May I translate this in my blog Sreeni?

  2. Yes Vigna, you can translate to your blog. Give a reference my blog.

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