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iPhone 5 and iOS 6

The new iPhone is out and as expected it is named iPhone 5. It has lots of features that is unexpectediPhone-52

  • A 4 inch retina Display
  • A6 Chip that is ultrafast
  • 18% thinner than their previous version
  • 20% lighter
  • 4G LTE support
  • Faster with better battery life
  • Enhanced Audio with Apple Earpods
  • ISight Camera wich can take Panoramic view
  • Lightening connector replacing their usual 30 pin ( Converter available)

Booking Starts from 14th Sep 2012
Release date : 21st Sep 2012 (US). India Date unknown

iOS 6

With the new iphone we are getting a newer version of iOS. It is compatible with all iPhone 3G above and Ipad 2 above. They have some interesting features

  • 3D Map with Voice, Turn by Turn direction, Flyover view
  • Siri can search restaurant and sports information
  • Facetime on 3G
  • Facebook integration with Contacts, Birthdays, calendar, Apps and post status
  • Share pic via photoStream
  • Location enabled Passbook app for coupons, discounts and tickets
  • Reject call with SMS or reminder
  • Time based Do not Disturb feature
  • VIP inbox in emails
  • iCloud sync features of Safari tabs
  • iBooks, iTunes and Appstore remodelled

What i was expecting that did not come

  • A better messaging apps with
    • securing SMS
    • Private inbox
    • Signatures
  • Better contact Apps
    • Bigger picture
    • Custom number format display
    • Sync with Google, Facebook, twitter
  • Better Photo Apps with private photos
  • Widgets
  • Custom Homepage
  • Simple process to download ringtones
  • Profile based ringer volume

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