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Last week–Nov 3

Last week i happened to watch the new JosAlukas advertisement of Actor Vijay. It is not the usual Jewellery advertisement with some girls/women wearing lots of jewels. The advertisement is about one a son and mother relationship and how mother’s jewels capture the attention of the children. It was really touchy. Children will always carry the sentiment about their mothers jewels. You have to watch it to understand what i mean.


In the same channel, i also saw another jewellery advertisement. They say that you can start saving money in their jewellery. When it is sufficient enough, you can buy the jewellery for the money you have saved with them. Nice idea!!! It is pure burglary under your nose with your consent!!!.
If you have not understood, let me explain. E.g., You save Rs.3000 on 1st Nov. You can get 1 Gram gold in that cost. You do this continuously for next 8 months. In this period the gold rate also increases. So at the end of the 8th Month you are suppose to get 1 grams gold for the Rs.3000 you paid in Nov but you will be getting something lesser as the gold rate on that day will be more than Rs.3000/Gram on that day. You do not get the interest for the money you saved with them nor you get the Gold.

Be careful people!!! Invest your hard earned money carefully.

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