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Skyfall–A Review


“Sky Fall” – The latest James Bond movie released over the weekend. I usually don’t watch James Bond movies on the very first day. I read the review and then go to the theatres to watch it. My son is a very big fan of James Bond and he knows the names of all the characters in this series.
   This movie’s plot is slightly different from the other ones. The villain here is another agent who is against James Bond’s boss ‘M’. Some of the secrets of their department is being leaked by this agent. The main intention of the agent is to defame the boss and kill her. The story moves around Bond, his boss and the Villain. Did the villain succeed or failed and what happened? You have to go the theatre to watch it.
    Every James Bond movie will start with an action sequence, then some introduction of some freaky gadget like car or a gun. Both these are missing in skyfall. Even though there is an action sequence is in the beginning, it is not so good. I have seen them many times in Tamil movies. It is nothing unique to say it is ‘James Bond’.
I somehow do not like this James Bond. I feel that is he not fit to be Bond. To be frank he did his job well. The Villain needs a special mention here. He somehow gets my attentions. He caught my attention in the very first walk he does during his introduction. Good work. The climax action sequence is really good and it is the “bond material”. The usual “bond material” (Villain’s girl friend who he takes to bed as usual) is not so attractive. The climax location is very beautiful. I think it is Scotland.

Bond has crossed 50 years!!!. He is still so young and brisk and he is still taking all the villain’s girl friends to bed. Good Luck Bond.

Verdict : Must watch

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