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Thuppakki – Review


Thuppakki is the recent Vijay film that has been released for Diwali. The much expected film among the Vijay fans because it has been directed by Murugadoss. This movie is about an army man fighting terrorism. This movie targets one type of people are part of terrorism called sleeping cells. He makes sure that the main people who trigger these sleeping cells are destroyed. In between this he romances his girlfriend.
Vijay playing a army man in this movie acted very well. The body language was more polished unlike the other Vijay movies.
There is one dialogue that needs special mention

Villain ( On Phone) : I will find you. Once i find you, i will kill you.
Vijay : I am waiting.
The way the dialogue was recited was fantastic.

Kajal Agarwal played the heroine but her performance was not upto the mark. Satyan plays the Police inspector, there is not much performance for this role but the purpose of the role in the movie was satisfied. In one of the interview, Murugadoss has mentioned that he plays the role of the audience. This role will be asking the questions that occur in the audience mind. I think it was successful. I felt Jayaram was not utilised well in this movie.
The 2 action sequences in the movie was good. One before the interval and the other the climax action sequence. The action sequence before the interval was well though through and executed.

Result : A typical Vijay film with Director Murugadoss Polish. A Entertaining movie. Must watch.

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