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Top 10 : Benefits of reading Magazines


I was in my company bus today coming back home. I noticed what people how people were spending time during the travel. Most of them sleep, some of them listen to music and other read novels. I have not seen a single soul read a magazine. I opened my iPad and was reading the Data Quest. The person sitting near was looking at my iPad for a long time. I though was reading along with me. After few minutes he asked me how much does the iPad cost? Do they allow personal iPad into our company. He did not even talk about the magazine. Do you really know the advantages of reading a magazine?

  1. Brush up on your forgotten knowledge.
  2. Know practical and proven tips from the PROS and experienced
  3. Use it as reference material.
  4. Use it to know latest technologies and software about your trade and industry.
  5. Know the industry standards
  6. Know your competitions
  7. Know the latest marketing campaigns about your product
  8. Get good deals and bargains from product reviews.
  9. Get business leads for prospect customers and prospect suppliers.
  10. More handy than books and great gift ideas to fellow mentors


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