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வரும்…. ஆன..வராது

வடிவேல் காமிடி போல ஆகிவிட்டது.

I am talking about the Kamala Hassan’s movie Vishwaroopam. Originally it was supported to be released in Dec 2012. The movie did not get enough theatres because the theater owners felt that the movie does not have any big shots except Kamal himself. So Kamal played the DTH card. He planned to release the movie in DTH and theatres to recover the money. This was one of the most discussed topic in media as this will be first movie in India to be released in DTH. DTH like Airtel was heavily banking on this movie release to boost their sales. This trend is a major threat for the theatres. So the theatre owner association has decided to give more theatres for this movie and hence DTH release postponed.
If only the movie would have been released in DTH, it would lead had a major turn in events in entertainment industry. It is not that this revolution has been stopped. It is just postponed.

The movie was planned to be released on 25th Jan 2013 in Tamilnadu. Now some people have got a stay order not to release this movie as it against muslim sentiments. I don’t think that is the reason. They just want the fame. Basking is someone else’s glory.
When Dasavatharam was released many people had similar concerns as it is about Siva-Vishnu issue that happened centuries back. They said the same problem will re-surface in 21st century, if the movie is released. When the movie was screened, there was pin drop silence for the first 15 minutes of the movie. It did not impact anything. It was a marvelous jaw dropping entertainment.
This movie has been released in UAE which is a muslim country. I really do not know how will this impact the law and order of the state. This has been released all over India except Tamilnadu. I am sure the movie will clear this hurdle. This issue has created sufficient publicity.
I am eagerly waiting to watch this movie not only for Kamal Hassan but also for Pooja Kumar. Winking smile

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