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Review : Chennaiyil Oru Naal

Chennaiyil Oru Naal meaning “A day in Chennai” is a Tamil movie which is a remake of a Malayalam blockbuster movie. I just heard a small one liner about the movie, before booking the tickets. I expected that some group of people will be stuck in traffic and how that traffic jam will change their life.But the movie had a completely a different story line.

Chennaiyil Oru Naal

Story Line : An accident happens in at a traffic junction and the patient is brain dead. The story is about how the heart is transported for a heart transplant from Chennai to Vellore in 2+ hours.

There is a popular actor, journalist, traffic constable, A doctor and a DSP of Chennai. We have very prominent faces like Sharath Kumar, Prakashraj, Cheran. Prasanna, Radikha, Iniya, Kunjakoboban , Mallika have played the roles. Even thought all the roles are played by very popular faces in Tamil film industry the story moves around the vehicle that carries the heart. The hero of the movie is the story and the time. Everyone has played their role very well.

There are some important scenes that are really good.

  1. The parents of the donor will wait in the unused road. The vehicle carrying the heart zooms past at 140 Km/hr. The mother just breaks down. No one can hold back tears in this scene.
  2. The actors interview scene. The daughter of the actors gives some questions to the interviewer to ask her dad.
  3. The doctors killing someone before he participates in this mission.
  4. The nail biting climax when the vehicle has to cross a colony with narrow roads.
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The screenplay moves faster than the vehicle. Before your realise the movie get over. It is worth your time. There is a strong message, family values, thrill, self motivation, love, hate, cheating.

Watch it.

If you say “No” it just going to be just another normal day. if you say “Yes” you are going to make the day very memorable for your self that you will think about it again.


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