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Review : Samsung Galaxy S4

We all use phone camera to shoot photos and post them in Facebook or twitter. We express how we feel in words below them. What if we had a option to shoot out our own facial expression along with the photo we take? Yes, It is possible.
The First week of March 2013 has seen yet another smart phone to the market. This is the forth generation phone to the galaxy series and it is named Samsung Galaxy S4. When the Galaxy S3 was out in the market it had lots of jaw dropping features with excellent technological advances. Galaxy S4 has exceed the expectations. In addition to the features of Samsung galaxy S3 this phone has

  • Larger screen with 5 inch display
  • Faster with 2GB RAM
  • Screen resolution can be compared to HD Televisions
  • Thinner and lighter then its elder brother( S3)
  • 4G Connectivity
  • 13 megapixel camera
  • Dual shoot camera

Samsung is taking the whole “touch screen” thing further by now sensing when the user’s finger is hovering over the screen. In other words, you don’t even need to touch the phone to make it react. Hovering over a thumbnail of a picture in the Gallery will reveal a bigger thumbnail, and hovering over one email in a list will show a preview of its first lines.
Thanks to the IR sensor, the phone’s browser responds to an “up swipe” in the air above it with by scrolling up, and to a “side” swipe by jumping to another tab. This could be pretty useful when the smartphone is the lunchtime companion and you don’t want to grease it up with foody fingers, but again, the “air swipe to scroll” shows up in only a few applications.

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Be ready to be smart with a smarter phone.


  1. Interesting really…does it have eye scroll feature also?

  2. I will definitely buy Samsung S4 on it's release. I am very amazed on it's features.

    • Thanks for reading through and giving your comments. Samsung S4 is already out in the market. It costs around Rs. 41000 in India

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