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Indian Epics

We Indian are proud about having 2 great Indian Epics.

  1. Ramayana – The story about Rama who fights a battle against Raavana to bring his wife back.
  2. Mahabharata – Story about a war between Pandavas and Kauravas ( Cousins). It is also considered as a war between good and bad.


The two great Indian epics are also respected by westerners. But in India these epics are treated differently.

Ramayana is respected and you are allowed to have a copy of the book at home but where as Mahabharata does not get this treatment. You are not suppose to have a copy of this book at home. I originally  thought that the reason may be that Mahabharata is more about War and where as Ramayana is not. But it is not the truth. Both the stories are about war and how to get themselves prepared for the war.

The original reason is that Ramayana is written in adherence to the Indian culture. Oruvanuku Oruthi  – Meaning monogamy. Whereas Mahabharata is not in lines to the Indian culture for example

  1. The biological father of Pandu and Dirdirashta ( They both are half-Brother and fathers of Pandavas and Gauravas) is not their mother’s husband.
  2. Draupathi is the wife for 5 brothers.
  3. Pandavas mother had a baby before her marriage with Sun God.
  4. Cheating and telling lies is all over the story
  5. Gambling is the turning point on this story.

In India there is joke about the divorces and remarriage of western culture. The joke goes like this “Your children and my children and are playing with our children”. The beginning of Mahabharata is written based on this above saying.

India is respected to be one of the most cultured country. Our fore father wanted to maintain this culture hence they have not promoted Mahabharata. It is believed that if you have a copy of the book, you might treat it as an example and might follow some principals mentioned in that book.

You can read Bhagavat gita but not Mahabharata.

The beliefs, the culture, the customs are to be maintained. So let us not let us Kids know this story until they know how to differentiate between good and bad.

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