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Proverb : Respect

The below is a German proverb

Just as one shouts into the forest, so it echoes back


The equivalent proverb in English is “What goes around, comes around.”. The indianized proverb is “ Give respect and take respect”

There is a short short about this proverb

On one raining day in Philadelphia, an elderly woman sauntered into a departmental store. Thinking she was taking refuge from the rain, and wasn’t going to buy anything, the store’s personnel ignored her, except one.
He was a clerk, industrious, compassionate and respectful. He walked up to her and asked if there was anything he could help her with. The old lady told him she didn’t need anything, but that she only came into the store to shield herself from the rain.
Instead of going away, since he couldn’t possibly make any sale from her, the young man brought her a chair so she could sit and be comfortable while she waited for the rain to subside.
When the rain eventually stopped, and as the woman was leaving she asked the clerk for his card. Then some months later, the departmental store owner received a letter from Scotland. It was from the elderly woman. In it, she asked that that young clerk who showed her kindness be sent to Scotland to furnish her entire castle.
Behold, she was the mother of Andrew Carnegie, the billionaire!


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