Thursday , December 13 2018
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Review : Kedi Billa Killadi Ranaga

Who is the Kedi and who is the Killada? Well, both Kedi and the Killada title can be given to the story writer of this movie. He had no role to play instead of giving us a one liner which we have seen thousand times in Indian cinema. The responsibility lies with the dialogue writer. Yes, The movie back bone is the standup comedy which is also not so good.

   I had great expectation on this movie because it is from Pasangaluku productions and it has Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan. Generally Pasanga productions always give us some unique stories which has not been explored but with the nativitity touch. Vimal’s story selections are also in same lines. My expecttions were so much on the story but it was a great disappointment for me.

There is nothing great to write about this movie.

Do not waste your time in visiting the theatre to watch it. It is not worth the time and money. Wait for the television release. It will released for Ayudha Pooja for sure. 

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