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Review : Vathikuchi 

After the huge success of Engeyum Eppothum, Fox Star Studios and A R Murugadoss Productions come together once again to produce Vathikuchi, a film written and directed by Kinslin, a protégé of A R Murugadoss.

The film introduces Murugadoss’s brother Deliban in the lead role, along with Anjali ofAngaadi Theru fame, supported by Saranya Ponvannan, Sampath Raj, Jayaprakash, Jagan and Raja. 

Music is scored by M Ghibran and the cinematographer is R B Gurudev. 

Vathikuchi is a romantic action thriller that revolves around an ordinary auto driver who gets caught up in a difficult situation, but manages to extricate himself using his practical knowledge and logical thinking.There is suspense in the opening shots of the film with the hero Shakti (Deliban) being hunted by several men who want him dead for different reasons. Then the story moves around how he escapes the trap and succeed. In between all these he also falls in love with a girl Meena ()  who lives in the same society. Anjali and her friends provide the comic element in the film.  They depict typical young middle-class girls, who wear modern clothes, dark glasses, make-up, talk broken English and use phrases like ‘Have a nice day’ and ‘Pleased to meet you’ in every conversation.

Saranya Ponvannan, who is a natural choice to play the role of a chatty, loving and understanding mother, plays the role of the mom to perfection. I like the scene where she explains his son that his love will not succeed. It was very nice scene. 

The dialogue goes like this “The girls father is a watchman in EB and her uncle is a ward boy in GH they have government Jobs and have a steady income. You just own an auto and our income depends on the people who hire the auto”. Different people have different view of life.

It is a unique type of picture to watch.

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