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Top 10 : Traits of Tamilians


In this lion eat lion world people migrate to different cities and countries in search for prosperous life. Like you can find Punjabis in London, Gujarathis in Netherlands, Kerlalites in Dubai you can find Tamilians in Malayasia and Singapore. There are some distinct characters that are in them that helps us identify them. The top 10 ways to identify a Tamilians are

  1. What ever they buy they will never remove the polythene cover.
  2. What ever they cook there will salt, tamarind and chilly in the food.
  3. When ever you get a gift there will be a Ajanta wall clock in the list of gift articles.
  4. When ever they return from a foreign country they return with a big suitcase.
  5. Where ever they go, they will be 1 hour late.
  6. When they have a twins they will name them with rhyming  names like Ramesh, Suresh, Mahesh
  7. They will laminate cellphone and TV remotes
  8. They will use both the hand rests in a cinema hall or in a bus.
  9. If the letter stamp is not sealed properly they will reuse it.
  10. They will collect all the polythene covers that comes along with the grocery for future use.

If you have any of the above traits there is a high possibility that you will be having your roots in Tamilnadu.

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