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Review – Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru


Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru” like the title the movie is also unique and different. The story is the usual love story but it has been told differently. The speed in which it has been executed is superb and does not make you feel bored. Sundar C gets an applause for this.

Story: Very normal looking, next door neighbour looks boy chases the hottest girl in office and make her fall in love. Once they are in love there is a villain to separate them. The face all these oppositions and win in love.

Siddharth play the lead role in the movie. His expressions and the acting has been very good. The 11th standard boy look, nerd looks etc has worked out very well. His innocent facial expression when he meeting Santhanam is really admiring. The smile he gives when Hanshika Motwani accepts his love is so so nice. I am sure girls will fall from their seats. If he gives this look and smile in 2 more movies, all the Tamil girls will be behind him. Bro, how do you still remain so young like College boy looks? BTW Siddharth where did you get those pants in the song Kozhu Kozhu? I want those flower pattern pants. Otherwise the dressing has been fantastic through out the movie. Your costume designer needs a special mention.

Santhanam is the second hero of the film. All his comedy dialogues are really fantastic. You must seen the Black king and the white king comedy in the trailer. Did you hear the metaphor between urine and loose motion? It is the top dialogue of the full movie. I just fell off the seat laughing.

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All other characters in the movie has played the characters well. There is a cameo appearance from Samantha, Vishal and Kushboo.

I did not hear the songs before but i did not want to move away from the seat because there are 2 cute people Siddharth and Hanshika on the screen. They were too cute to take my eyes away.

BTW what do you guys think about IT people ah? We are the people who sleep in the cab window early in the morning? This is too much Smile

It is Laugh Riot. It is must watch. I am sure i will watch it again.


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