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Indian Customs Unleashed – ICU

Once upon a time there is a priest who was living in a small town. He was the chief priest of the biggest temple in the town. He had 3 sons who were also very educated. They had learnt all the vedas thoroughly. Their family was the most respected and educated family in that town. Theirs is a moderate family that lived in a old house. He lost his wife a year back. He also had a pet cat called Yuga.
   On the death anniversary of his wife, he wanted to perform pooja for his wife’s soul to rest in peace. He had selected the biggest room of the house so that there is enough space to perform the pooja. That specific room ceiling was not very strong. The beam that was holding the ceiling was getting weak every day. He wanted to set that right before he can perform the pooja. He called the carpenter the day before the pooja and asked him to have 2 pillars supporting the beam. He carpenter completed as he was instructed just the say before the pooja.
   On the day of the pooja, he had set up all the items that are required for the pooja. There were flowers, lemon, milk, curd etc. The cat who saw the milk was waiting for his turn to get the milk. He was walking and running across the room and was disturbing the priest. So he instructed his eldest son to tie the cat to the pillar so that so it does not disturb him. The pooja went on well and was completed without any disturbance. He gave the remaining mail to the cat. He asked his sons to perform this pooja every year even after his(Priest’s) death.

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With in 6 months the priest died. The cat ran away from the house as there was no one to feed him. The sons sold the house and built a new one.

Days passed.

Not it was the day that they had to perform that pooja for their mother. The eldest son volunteered to perform the pooja as he was closely watching the poojas that his father performed last year. The first thing he ordered for the pooja was a erect 2 pillars  in the room where the pooja was performed. Then he asked his brother to get a cat and tie it to the pillar. Then he started performed the pooja  only with the milk and gave the milk to the cat.

Yes. It is like these silly sons that we are following some customs that we still do not know why we have to do it. There are lots of customs in India that are really useful but unfortunately due to the ignorance of our previous generations we have lost some valuable customs and following some idiotic practices.

Do you know why you have to apply vibute ( thiruneer) on your forehead?

Do you know why women have bindi on their forehead?

Do you know why mangalsutra worn on women’s neck?

Do you know why people do not proceed with their work when a cat cross their path?

Let us explore this is Indian Customs Unleashed.


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