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Review : Singam 2


Let us do the Singam dance

Singam 2 is a sequel of the Tamil movie hit movie Singam. This part 1 has been dubbed in Telugu, remade in Kannada, Hindi and Bengali. This is more a continuation of the first part but with a different story line.

Generally all the movie will have a character introduction block. But this movie starts with few snippets of the part 1 and they are straight into the story. The Director Hari has really worked hard to keep the viewers glued to the seat from the very first frame.

Plot : In continuation to part 1, Duraisingam (Surya) works as a NCC officer in a school and working as an undercover cop reporting to the home minister. He tries to gather information about smuggling but finds out that there is a big drug racket happening in the city. He takes charge as the DSP and tries to clean up the city. During this process he comes to know that there is a international criminal involved in this drug dealing. He arrests the local villains then he goes to South Africa to arrest the international criminal.

Surya : Singam moustache and fiery eyes are his trade make in this movie. He has taken lot of effort in the action sequences. His usual smile is not shown anytime in the movie.

Anushka : 4 dialogues, 3 songs and 2 drops of tears.

Haniska : The actual heroine.

Villains : There are 3 villains. One local goon, one high fi rich villain and a international criminal.

Other actors : Rahman, Radharavi, Nasar, Manorama, Sumitha, Vijayakumar

Kannukulla song set is very good. Special applause for the art director.

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பரலோகத்தில் இருக்கும் பரமபிதாவே எங்களை காத்து ரட்சிபாயாக….


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