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Top 10 : Happiest Place on Earth

Happiness is something that comes with-in.

A very happy man is the person who loves longer in this world.

27654985181980635_s77Ymywr_fWe know all the above saying. But how to be happy? Different factors provide happiness in different ages.

A child gets happiness when he get the toy he wants.
A teenage is happy when he get to course he wants to study.
A young person is happy when he get the love of live.
A middle age is happy when he earns more money.
A old person is happy when he lives and dies a peacefully.

So happiness does not come from a single source. We keep searching for happiness but political factors and decisions also play a role in the citizen’s happiness. Based on Job, health, income and life expectancy all the nations are ranked here. The top 1o happiest citizens are from

  1. Denmark
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. Netherlands
  6. Costa Rica
  7. New Zealand
  8. Canada
  9. Israel
  10. Australia

India is at 116th rank. Our enemy Pakistan is at 58th Place.

USA – 14th Place

The top 5 counties are from Europe.

If you want to be happy move to Europe.

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