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Understanding or Interest

Understanding or interest. What does a couple need?

I recently happen to read a blog entry of my classmate about family life and understanding. If you know Tamil you can read the blog entry in the below URL

The blog stats what people with same interest will get bored together and couple with different interest have a lot to discuss. I think otherwise. Common or different interest does not matter it is each other understanding that matters.


There is an example. When a husband and a wife are driving together, the husbands talks about “Duster” the car. He explains the beauty and performance.

Scenario 1 : The wife does not know anything about the car, she says “Hmm” to every and listens to him. She is actually thinking about the duster “ the broom”.

Scenario 2: The wife actually know about the car and they discuss about it pros and cons.

Scenario 3: It does not matter the wife knows about the car. If she replies back in a frustrated tone “You cannot afford a Maruthi 800 why do you have to talk about “Duster””. Then she talks about the saree color and design that one of her colleague was wearing the previous day. You know how much guys are interested about sarees designs and colors. There is no common topic for them to discuss.

Scenario 1 people have different interest but have a good understanding about each other. I know a couple who are a total mismatched people. They don’t have anything in common. If the wife says if a thing is very good, the husband is pretty sure he will not like it. The same applies otherwise. Here the couple have an understanding that they have different interests. These do not apply for divorce.

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Scenario 2 people are the couple  we says “Made for each other” they think alike do alike. Some people say they have no fights at home and some people say they get bored in life. I really don’t know what is true because i have not come across any couple like this. But i can guarantee these are not he people who apply for divorce.

Scenario 3 people are those category of people who don’t care if they have a common interest or different interests. Even though they are married they are 2 different individuals who have come together. The have this basic problem

  1. They don’t understand each other
  2. If one of them ties to manipulate the other.
  3. If one of them expects the other one to live the life he/she has dreamt of.
  4. If one expects the other one to please them always
  5. If one expects the other one to do only those thing that they like

These are the people who are most likely to apply for divorce.

In India they say in-laws play a major role in the divorces. It is only a very small percentage. the 2 possible cases where problems may arise are

  1. Girls parents do not want to part their daughter and expect the son-in-law to live with them
  2. Boys parents do not want their son to leave them just because of his wife.

Both these cases are mere possessiveness of their parents on the son or daughter. This can be solved with just the understanding of the couple.

So i can clearly say that common interest or their position in their society or in-laws does not matter it is the understanding that matters.

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  1. Hey Sreeni,

    All I wanted to convey is different interests doesn't mean bad couple. Very nice article, indeed :-))


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