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iOS 7 Released

A large population of people own an Apple device today. Having a iphone is considered as a status symbol. Some people have iPod, some have iPhone and other have iPad. People who have been using these devices are comfortable with its functions and its operating system.

Apple has released its new operating system iOS 7 for iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. It is always suggested that all Apple device owners have to upgrade the operating system to the latest one. There are multiple advantages in doing so

  1. It contains latest features that are not present in the older versions
  2. It contains the latest user interface. This interface has been prepared after studying the usage pattern of the users
  3. It will address lots of security issues that has been identified from the previous version or it even addresses the new vulnerabilities that are identified in the market.

Once you plan to migrate the following are 7 different things that you should be taking care of

  1. Check if the device is compatible for iOS 7. iOS 7 is released for iPhone 4 and above, iPod 5th generation and above, iPad 2 and above.
  2. Update your computer to latest iTunes.
  3. Delete all the unused applications.
  4. Update all the application to the latest versions by launching the App Store.
  5. Connect your device to your computer and synchronize the device with the computer just before the upgradeBack up your device.
  6. It can be done via computer or iCloud.
  7. Upgrade the OS. This can be done by 2 ways

Way 1 :

1. Connect your device to the computer.

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2. Open iTunes

3. Click on the device on the left pane of iTunes.

4. Click upgrade OS


Way 2

1. Charge the computer to 100% battery.

2. Disconnect it from the computer.

3. Connect it to the power

4. In the device, Open Settings – General – Software update – install the new OS


Have a great time with iOS 7.


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