Saturday , March 23 2019

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Technology Today #1

“Blackberry will be out of their handset business”!!!! 

I read this news on Times of India today. I am really happy. Finally my company will get rid of the small blackberry handsets and look out for alternatives or introduce BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device). I am really looking forward for that day.

“Al-Qaida joins twitter”!!! 

Please start following then on your twitter. Soon they will publish the locations where they plan to attack or have planned a bomb. I did not know technology would be good that I could connect with a terrorist organization. If you want to join them you can send them a direct message. You are recruited!!! Bloody fools, stop reading all the fuzz this kid Rahul is making and block these people in twitter.

“Martha Stewart tweets about her broken iPad not fixed”

Do you know who she is? We’ll I didn’t know until I googled. It seems she is America’s household guru. I did not know that a profession like this existed. It seems she is minting money with her profession. 

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