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Top 10 : Cabin Crew

Today travelling via airlines is live travelling in a train. Every Tom, Dick and Harry would have travelled in a flight atleast once. When you get into Indian Airlines you see lots of Aunties with 3 layers of make-up on their face. When you get into Jet Airways you see a very smart and young cabin crew. But which counties have airlines with the best cabion crew?

World’s most courteous, friendly, helpful and efficient airline crews belong to Asian airlines – not even one airline outside the continent features in the list of airlines with the best flight attendants.


The list features airlines that were rated by fliers in 160 countries who completed 18 million customer satisfaction surveys.

  1. Cathey Pacific Airways, Hongkong SAR
  2. Asiana Airlines, South Korea
  3. Malaysian Airlines, Malaysia
  4. EVA Air, Taiwan
  5. Singapore Airlines, Singapore
  6. ANA All Nippon Airlines, Japan
  7. Garuda, Indonesia
  8. Qatar Airways, Qatar
  9. Hainan Airlines, China
  10. Thai Airways, Thailand

I have seen a very good cabin crew in Emirates Airlines but i am surprised that it did not feature in the top 10 list.

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