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Top 10 : iOS 7 Features

iOS 7 has been released by Apple on 18th Sep 2013. It is a major update compared to the previous versions of iOS. The complete UI has been revamped. It is more colourful, intuitive and innovative. There are lots of features introduced as part of iOS 7.


  1. Control center introduced to switch ON/OFF features
  2. Notification center more organized
  3. Multitasking learn your usage pattern and update the app before you open it.
  4. Easy usage of camera features
  5. List of open apps have a preview
  6. Photos can be seen as a group of moments or based on year
  7. New feature – Airdrop to share information with Apple devices
  8. iCloud Keychain to store passwords
  9. Messages have timestamp
  10. Supports more Indian Languages like Hindi, Tamil, telegu
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