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Delhi circus


Have you ever seen “Bombay Circus” in India? The first event and the last event are the most  interesting part of the circus.


First one : There will be people hanging on to the ropes and jumping from one end of the stage to the other end.The people sitting around will be watching this with their mouth open. once the people complete the jumping they clap in astonishment.
Second one : There will be round cage that will set-up. All the lions and tigers will be let inside. Each will have a comfortable stool to sit and they roar at each other. There will be ring of fire. They have to jump through that to prove that they are kings of Jungle.

Does this anyway remind you of anything?

Before i reveal what it is i remembered one Tamil movie “Muthalvan” the same movie was retaken in Hindi with Sanjay Kapoor where the hero, a common man, becomes the CM. There is this one particular scene where they announce the election results. There comes the statement “The people’s party has won all the constituency with the majority. The other parties have lost their deposits. I use to think will this ever happy in India. It is just a fantasy and we can see this only in movies.

THIS IS HAPPENING IN INDIA. Aam Aadmi party is the hindi name of People’s party.

A very young party ( both by members age and by party’s age) has won 50% of the constituency in just the first election. Now you can understand what i was referring to in the first paragraph. Congress has got a singe digit seat. BJP has the chance to form the government but the they don’t have the majority and they are sure that they will not get the support from the other parties. Congress cannot form the government. The Governor has asked the AAP to form the government. Congress and BJP are ready to support them to form the government. Their plan to let them form the government and fail miserably so that they cannot contest in the nearing Lok sabha elections. These old people will be proven wrong. I am sure these young people will clear all the hurdles and will make sure all their election promises are done and efficiently manage the state.

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I am only worried about 1 point. The old men in the current politics are not Chanakyas but they are Saguni’s. They will plant some weeds in this party to destroy them. AAP has to be very careful in plucking the weeds in their party in regular interval when they are concentrating on the constructive work.

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