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16 GB Phone

Today there are hell a lots of smart phones in the market. Some are really smarter than few human beings and some are as dumb as a fish. Most of these phone available or atleast we can afford are 16 GB phone. This is the maximum space available for us to store what our brains can not/need not hold. Today most people are lost without their phone. They cannot remember their mother’s phone number. Some people do not even know their own numbers. They see their phone when you ask them their number.
How much information can be stored in your brain is decided on you intelligence. That is not decided by you. But why cant we decide how much intelligence or memory our phone has. Do you really know how much memory is really available in 16GB Phone where you can store your files or pictures?

14 - 1

The rest of the memory is used by the RAM and the operating system of the phone. From the above information it is obvious that iPhone 5C is a clear winner.


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