Thursday , December 13 2018
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The talk of Tamilnadu for the last 4 days was “MK Alagiri expelled from DMK”. Well it wasn’t a surprise for me. I was expecting this to happen after M.Karunanithi’s death but it is happening during his life time. Well history has to repeat itself. We cannot make that saying false. MGR was also expelled from DMK stating the same reasons and then he created ADMK. Now that Alagiri has been expelled, we can expect one more DMK to be formed. We still have 24 alphabets left, only “A” and “M” are taken.
A small advise to Mr.Alagiri. Please leave the alphabets “K” and “V”. “K” is booked for Kanimozhi and “V” is booked for Vijayakanth’s son( He too has two sons guys. I am not kidding).


On a serious note, it has been on the news sometime that Alagiri has not been performing his duties in the party but just enjoying the benefits. Even if he starts his party it will fail miserably.


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