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One man said : God does not exist.
His GF said: Don’t say God does not exist. if you say that then we can’t live together.
Man: Ok, I will not say that again but if he exist it will be good.
His GF: (Smiles without understanding what he actually meant)

“Does God really exist? Does not have an answer?

This is one question that would be in every single individual’s mind but no one has a proper answer.

Some say that the God does not exist and others say that God does exist. Who is correct? Have you ever thought about this?

My first question to the people who say God Exists is
Have you does seem him?
Can you show him to me?

Most of the people do not have any answer to this question.Both these groups do not know how to prove their stand. Please who say God does not exist mostly use science to help them prove otherwise.

Should you take experience from others or have your own experience. This is like describing taste. you cannot experience the taste by reading about it or hearing it from others. You should experience it. When someone say that food in salty you know what they mean because you have tasted a salty food.

Ok now answer the below questions to me.

Do you know how does the below vegetable taste?

Everyone will have the answer “YES” It is bitter.

Now tell me how does this African fruit taste?

It actually tastes Umami.

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Well you have believed me now. Reason here is firstly you don’t know what this fruit is and secondly you don’t know what Umami is.

Dictionary explains Belief as
: a feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true
: a feeling that something is good, right, or valuable
: a feeling of trust in the worth or ability of someone

Everyone will argue that Fruit is a definite object and someone has seen it but God has not been seen by anyone. I too have the same question show me God in definite form.

Let us take a different approach to prove. In Mathematics we have a equation. There is a LHS and RHS. We assume that LHS=RHS and start proving the equation is correct. Same way, let us assume that God does exist. If God does exist then there are some rules to be followed

  • Visit temple/Mosque/Church on weekly basis
  • Fasting on a specific day auspicious to the God.
  • Visit a specific temple on a specific month
  • Light candles or lamps in the home while we pray to God.

People who do say God does not exist have a scientific reason for all the customs and rituals followed.

For example : Lighting Lamp or candle is usually done in the evenings and followed by Christians and Hindus respectively. Both these countries get cold in the evenings. Bu the way of lighting this candle or lamp they actually heat up the surrounding and the body is healthy. Muslims do not light any lamp or candle because people following that religion originated for hot countries.

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So both these parties believe that there is a positive energy created in the body or surroundings when we follow these rituals. Some people the name to the positive energy and they call it “God”. They give a human form for easy worship.
Solar Energy – Sun God
Wind Energy – Vaayu
Power – Sakthi
Education – Saraswathi
Wealth – Lakshmi

All these forms of energy cannot be seen it can be only felt. People who say God does not exist agree to this point but thing is that they have not names it nor given a human form.

Note :  For your Information that fruit does exist in Africa but it does not taste Umami. Umami is a taste used to describe the taste of meat. There are cheaters in make you believe something that really does not exist. So be be careful.



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