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Happy New Year 2014


Whales – 200 Years
Tortoises live for 190 years,
Macaws – 100 years
A queen bee – 5 years
Worker Bee – 1 year

Every organisms lifespan is measured in the unit of years. But unfortunately, a Year lives for only 365.25 days. What an irony? You cannot do anything to extend the lifespan of a year.

The last day of year 2013 has been complete. It is time to say good bye. He has got us lots of fear, joy, love, sadness, surprise and anger. I am sure it will not be year that can be forgotten. It has

  • Given us a Royal Baby and taken away some legends.
  • Lots of new people entered joined sport and our favourite cricketer retired
  • Old people are thrown out of power and younger generation takes over

The Year 2013 even though it looked promising it did not start as expected. But towards the end of the year there were major changes in every field. People are moved or thrown out to put some fresh face/thought. The changes are happening and these changes are going to bring in major advancement to India and Indian Politics.

2014 is a just a baby and will still cannot predict that is has in store for us. As per Chinese 2014 is going to be a year of Horse. I expect it to be fast and promising like a horse so i can safely bet my life on 2014. Whatever said i am for sure that year 2014 is going to be

“Year Of Change”

Happy New Year


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